Demand proper rehousing for the Mears family!

November 16, 2012 by combehavendefenders

A young family in Bexhill are facing eviction to make way for the Link Road.  Kirsty Mears and her sons Daniel (13) and Leo (5) live in a house on London Road in Bexhill which is due to be demolished.  They have lived in their 3-bedroomed house for 3 years but Rother council will only rehouse them in a 2-bedroomed property.  Kirsty says this is unacceptable as her 5 year old son has special needs and requires his own bedroom, and she is adamant that the family will not move until Rother council rehouses them properly.  “I’m not asking for a mansion but I am not leaving the cottage until they find us somewhere suitable. It’s very wrong and very unfair.”  More information here.

Please email Anne Fennessy, head of housing at Rother council, to ask that the family be properly rehoused: anne.fennessy [at]

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