December 14, 2012 by combehavendefenders

Update: after a stand-off with protesters in trees and on the ground, the chainsaw contractors have gone home!  Obviously they’ll be back: keep an eye on the site for more updates.  
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This morning (Fri Dec 14), contractors are moving in to start tree felling in the area of the old railway near Adams farm.  According to police who are present on the scene, East Sussex County Council owns the land as of midnight last night.  Three vans of contractors and a police car have recently left the compound in Bexhill, with more to follow.
A number of people are there to try to stop the felling; more support is urgently needed.
For up to date information on the situation, ring 07510 501 850.  To get close to the area, follow the footpath from Crowhurst to the oak (map HERE) where we had the camp in September.

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