More tree defending today (Sun 16 Dec)!

December 16, 2012 by combehavendefenders

Activists ready to defend the trees near Adam's farm.

Activists ready to defend the trees near Adam’s farm.

Update at 13.06pm: Chainsaws and security guards moving-in on trees nr Adam’s Farm with climbers. Urgently need more people there to peacefully resist them. One person reportedly locked-on to contractors vehicle. Map from Crowhurst Station on at bottom of this page. 13.01pm, 16/12/2012

Update at 11.10am: Tree-felling and tree-defending continues today (Sunday 16 Dec). A stretch of trees has already been felled in Bexhill at the back of the Leisure Centre (TN39 4HS) at the base of London Rd in Bexhill. Not clear what they plan to do next. Please head either to Bexhill or to the site of the old disused railway line near Adam’s Farm in Crowhurst (see map at the bottom of this page).

If you have a car and are able to ferry folk around then please contact us on 07926 423 033. All other enquiries, same number.

BRIEF REPORT ON 15/12/2012:
Activists occupied trees yesterday (Sat 15 Dec) in Bexhill & Combe Valley. Activists were able to stop some of the trees in Bexhill from being chopped down, though contractors were able to chainsaw quite a large a number there (see film below). There were two arrests – one for “aggravated trespass” (now charged and released), the second for not giving their name and address to a police officer (which they have no legal right to demand under most circumstances).  No trees were felled at Adam’s farm yesterday however, which was also being defended.

map - disused railway line

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