Combe Haven Defenders

Chainsaws vs Tree Defenders Day 6 (Wed 19 Dec)

Tree defenders and security guard in Sidley, Bexhill (17/12/2012)

Trees to be felled Wednesday 19 December in Sidley, Bexhill, starting early nr TN40 2DD. Tree defenders will be going there and also to the disused railway cutting near Adam’s farm in Crowhurst (see maps below). Info: 07926 423 033. Remember to stay calm and peaceful.

Up till now far it’s all been urban trees being felled. From now on they’ll be hitting the countryside proper.

Important note: If you go to either location then please download and read the bust card here and take it with you, whether or not you anticipate being arrested.

The next two maps are downloadable from this web-site.

Map showing the route of the Link Road as it exits Sidley.

Map showing the route of the road near Adam’s farm in Crowhurst.