Tree defenders occupy trees (20th Dec)

December 20, 2012 by combehavendefenders

Tree Defenders

Tree Defenders scaled 20ft into an ash.

Tree defenders were out again in Sidley today and managed to halt the felling of a number of trees along the disused railway near Glovers bridge.
In the early hours two protestors with climbing gear scaled 20ft into an overhanging ash tree and hastily erected a tarpaulin to provide shelter from the rain. Local supporters were also present on the bridge and eventually managed to get chocolates and hot water to the tree-sitters.
The occupied tree and a number of others surrounding it were spared the teeth of the chainsaws, although many significant trees further along the route were felled as the chainsaw gangs and their security detail moved North into the Combe Haven valley.
The protestors outlasted the work crews and even managed to rustle up a hot meal at lunch – something the security guard standing on guard nearby for 3 hours in the pouring rain could only envy.

cooking 2

Cooking time under the shelter.

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