27 December: Tree-house building day at the Camp!

December 26, 2012 by combehavendefenders


Pic: Kate Evans

Thursday 27 December is treehouse-building day at the anti-road camp in Combe Haven. Some experienced tree-house builders will be on site (though more are always welcome!) but we’re also going to need lots of unskilled hands as well to help with stuff. Please come early if possible so that we can make best use of the daylight hours (public transport will be up and running again on Thursday). If anyone is able to bring long joists of building timber and / or 10mm polyprop then that would be great as well.

More folk are still needed to camp out during the day & overnight, and to support with wood, tools, carpentry, climbing skills, driving, and food. We have enough forks at the moment, but a wheelbarrow, salt, and cooking pots would be fantastic!

The camp is located at the site of the dismantled railway embankment just East of Adam’s farm in Crowhurst (see map below). This is a (roughly) 20 minute walk from Crowhurst station: walk to the bridge marked on the map, proceed down the access road to Adam’s farm until you come across a padlocked gate on your left, climb over this and then follow the path until you get to the Camp. The Camp is also a 20 minute bike ride from St Leonards.

Please respect the privacy of the residents of the farmhouse and only use the access down the disused railway track, not the Adams Farm track, and don’t bring vehicles in. Heavy items can be dropped-off by the gate, or by the top of the access toad.

For more info call 07926 423 033.

The route to the Camp

The route to the Camp

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