Views of the valley – with the Link Road

January 3, 2013 by combehavendefenders

Link road mock up Adams Farm30

It has been suggested that putting a road carrying up to 30,000 vehicles a day across a currently pristine valley is likely to have a rather obvious visual (not to mention noise and pollution) impact.  Local artist Mike Turner has produced a montage of the view towards Adam’s farm (above) as well as a view across the valley (below) (it should be noted that most of the land shown here is currently under several feet of water –  perhaps not the best place to build a road).

Link road mock up valley view

East Sussex County Council (ESCC), on the other hand, would have us believe that the link road, if built, would have minimal visual impact on Combe Haven.  Indeed, they have produced images (navigate to page 22) purporting to show the landscape now, and 15 years after the road is opened – and guess what, the landscape looks exactly the same!

It’s not immediately obvious where the ESCC pictures are taken from; the one on the left appears to be looking towards Adam’s farm, but in the ’15 years on’ photomontage, the hill appears to have completely changed shape and could arguably be a different view altogether.  There is absolutely no sign of the link road in either of the ’15 years on’ pictures.

Which should we believe: that the road would be barely visible and Combe Haven would remain the peaceful place it is at present, or that the link road, if built, would destroy a precious and beautiful part of our countryside and heritage?

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