Camp: wish list, tunnel(s), and groundrules

January 4, 2013 by combehavendefenders


Image from Kate Evans’ “Copse: The Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting”

The Camp in Crowhurst has been in place continuously since 21 December, and now consists of several tree houses and at least one “fully operational tunnel”!

Current wish list (as at 8am on Fri 4 Jan): personal head torch (donation offered); cooking pot; blankets (esp. ones made of wool or cotton). More info: 07926 423 033.


Please note that the Camp has agreed the following groundrules which it is asking participants to abide by:

1. Peaceful resistance
This Camp is about peaceful resistance to the construction of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road (BHLR). By “peaceful resistance” we mean actions that: (1) do not harm or dehumanise any human being; and (2) Do not threaten to harm or dehumanise any human being. Campers need not subscribe to nonviolence as a life-philosophy, but we do ask that they restrict their activities to peaceful resistance while they are associated with the Camp. Because of the potential risk it poses to chainsaw operators, we do not consider tree spiking to be a form of “peaceful resistance”, and ask that Campers not engage in this practice.

2. Alcohol & drugs policy
We want to make this Camp as safe a space as possible. We have therefore agreed a policy that there be no alcohol and no illegal drugs on site. If you want a drink then go to the pub in Crowhurst and mix with the locals!

3. Anti-oppression
We want the Camp to be a welcoming, engaging and supportive space. Discrimination and oppressive behaviour (eg. racism, sexism, homophobia, prejudice based on disability, class etc…) are unacceptable and will be challenged. We also ask that campers respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries and try to foster a spirit of mutual respect.

4. General safety
Tree protests are inherently unsafe, and all participants are responsible for their own safety. If you’re going to be climbing high into trees then best practice is to have your own harness and climbing rope, and to rig it up yourself. Do not assume that people know what they’re doing just because they project an air of confidence!

We are also asking participants to please respect the privacy of the residents of the farmhouse, not bring vehicles on-site (tat can be ferried from a near-by drop-off point) and to only use the access down the disused railway track, not the Adams Farm track.

directions to camp

The route to the Camp

The route to the Camp

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