Dramatic pics from yesterday’s (8 Jan) high-altitude tree evictions

January 9, 2013 by combehavendefenders

There continues to be an urgent need for people – in both arrestable and non-arrestable roles – at the protests and Camp in the valley. See above and below for dramatic pictures from yesterday’s (8 Jan) high-altitude tree evictions. Film footage to follow shortly.

In total, three people were arrested Tuesday (8 Jan) as specialist climbing teams – and a cherrypicker – were brought on site to remove people defending the trees.

About the third arrest:

“Unusually police and security stayed out in the valley after dark today [Tues 8 Jan], driven to a frenzy to arrest a lone telegraph pole climber. The climber had cleverly seen that the pole, whilst on the opposite side of the road to threatened trees near Upper Wilting Farm, was close enough to prevent their safe felling. Even better, the pole offered no high point from which the security climbing team could operate and safely lower the protestor from, so they had to leave him there and wait. And wait, and wait. With darkness falling, the protestor made it clear he’d come down as soon as the security left, and fellow protestors pointed out that it was unsafe to keep him trapped up there without water and food, but they weren’t having it. When he finally came down after 6 hours the telegraph pole climber was unfortunately arrested, at around 6pm.”

08-01-2013 pic 1

08-01-2013 pic 2 08-01-2013 pic 3 08-01-2013 pic 4 08-01-2013 pic 5 08-01-2013 pic 6 08-01-2013 pic 7 08-01-2013 pic 8 08-01-2013 pic 9 08-01-2013 pic 10

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