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January 11, 2013 by combehavendefenders

View from a treehouse under construction at Adam's farm in Crowhurst (20/12/12)

View from a treehouse under construction at Adam’s farm in Crowhurst (20/12/12)

A Camp (with tree houses) was established in and around the trees near Adam’s farm on 21 December, and has been there ever since. It now features several tree houses & at least one “fully operational tunnel”. More campers are always welcome!

It is located on the disused railway line (see here for map and Camp groundrules). Please respect the privacy of the residents of the farmhouse and only use the access down the disused railway track, not the Adams Farm track.

Please don’t bring vehicles in. More folk are needed to camp out during the day & overnight, and to support with wood, tools, carpentry, climbing skills, driving, and food (see more detailed wish list below).

For more info call 07926 423 033. Map below: the camp is at the end of the old railway, in and around the trees at risk. Google map here.

directions to camp

map - disused railway line


Little things:
-cutlery and plastic cups
-washing-up liquid and scrubber and bowl
-toilet rolls
-spare lighter and matches in a jamjar
-The all-important cooked meals that can be heated over the fire- ideally
cater for 3-6 people. This makes a huge difference.
-for back-up in case there are days we don’t get donate cooked meals, food
that does not require much cooking: fruit, tinned soup, beans etc with
ringpulls, crackers and spread, potatoes and foil, chocolate.

Big things that need ordering buying or making:
*stackable sealable plastic boxes
*trowel or spade
*rope or chain ladder, as long as they come
*plastic or fold-up chairs
* wheelbarrow for carrying heavy water and other items in
*banners with waterproof lettering ready for visitors, press etc.
*scrambling nets and/or fishing nets

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