Legal Observer Training- Sunday 13th Jan, Crowhurst Village Hall 6pm

January 11, 2013 by combehavendefenders

Legal Observer Training, Sunday 13th Jan, 6-9pm, Crowhurst village hall

Learn about what is involved in legal observing and how to carry out this critical support role effectively. No legal background or experience is required.

A train runs from Hastings to Crowhurst at 1727, arriving 1738. It is a 10m walk from the station to the hall, although lifts are available if necessary from the station.

What is a legal observer?

Legal observers watch and record details of activist interactions with the police/security and activist arrests at demonstrations and actions. They do not directly take part in actions or demonstrations but provide a critical support role. By their presence they help to keep people safe by detering police misconduct and if there is such an incident they collect information which may be useful in a later court hearing.

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