Mon 21 Jan: Camp Decoy Pond remains!

January 21, 2013 by combehavendefenders

As of 0915 no eviction attempt of Decoy Pond has so far been made by bailiffs, who are probably being held off by the weather*. Tree defenders remain on high alert however, as eviction is expected any day now.

decoy pond in the snow

Fortification and (com)fortification is being undertaken with help always appreciated. ‘Decoy Pond’ is the last remaining significant stand of trees on the route (and what beauties they are!). ‘Three Oaks’ and ‘Adam’s farm’ base camp were evicted last week, but the tree-based resistance continues…

The wish-list at the camp always includes firewood, polyprop rope (10mm is ideal) and good lengths of wood/ply for building. Otherwise just attire sensibly with warm clothes and, if staying overnight, a decent sleeping bag.

Map to Decoy Pond camp

Map to Decoy Pond camp

More maps to the site can be found here.

See you there!

*Although unconfirmed reports in the valley have seen groups of men and women in orange high-vis and hard hats whooping like infants whilst making snow-angels and sledging with carefree abandon. Employer Shergroup chief exec Claire Sandbrook reportedly not impressed; poised to dictate angry memo.

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