Legal bid to halt Link Road

January 26, 2013 by combehavendefenders

battle observer 26-01-2013

From the BLINKRR web-site:

Things have been developing rapidly in relation to the 2nd Battle of Hastings. [Earlier this month] the national press reported that there was new evidence unfolding about the site of the Battle of Hastings (see Daily Telegraph, 14 January 2013). The following day, a local resident, Michael Bernard, applied to English Heritage for an urgent review of the battlefield site registration of the Battle of Hastings in the light of new evidence about the extent and nature of the site. English Heritage responded by return on 16 January 2013, acknowledged the application and explained that it would start the validation and initial assessment process.

In the light of the application to English Heritage, Michael asked East Sussex County Council to stop any development and construction works on the proposed Bexhill to Hastings Link Road until the English Heritage review was complete. ESCC declined to do so on 17 January 2013.

The following day, Michael issued an urgent application for judicial review of the Council’s decision not to stop work and sought an interim injunction order requesting the same.

Michael said: “the significance of the new evidence cannot be over-estimated and the consequences of the development will be profound and irrevocable.” He explained to the Court that the proposed link road will “cut right across one of the key Battle of Hastings sites, the Norman encampment at Upper Wilting, and that any value in the significant historic or heritage site will be permanently lost or destroyed.”

[On the evening of Friday evening 18 January 2013 the Court ordered] that there was not the exceptional urgency such as to grant an emergency interim injunction but advised that the matter would be reviewed in two weeks time (1 February 2013) and after the Council had an opportunity to file its answer to the concerns set out in the legal proceedings.

There are likely to be continuing developments over the coming days and any update will be posted.


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