County councillor admits money wasted on Road could be used to save vital services

February 15, 2013 by combehavendefenders

a penn'orths worth of difference

money can be reallocated

Grilled on Twitter by a local cake maker, a member of East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has been forced to admit that the money the Council intends to waste on the Road (some £70m) could be used to prevent planned cuts to vital social services such as Adult Social Care (ASC).

At first Tory Councillor Peter Pragnell maintained that cancelling the Link Road “wouldn’t make a penn’orth of difference to [Adult Social Care]” but was later forced to concede that “Money can be reallocated. A balance has to be found between all the competeing [sic] calls on funds.”

Apparently Peter Pragnell believes that spending £70m of Council Tax payers money on a vanity project, whose primary beneficiaries appear to be super-rich institutions such as Trinity College Cambridge, is a higher priority than vital local services. What do other Councillors believe, we wonder?

twitter screenshot (beginning)

twitter screenshot (2nd group of tweets)

twitter screenshot (3rd group of tweets)

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