Could new pop single help bring County Councillors up to speed on the Link Road?

April 10, 2013 by combehavendefenders


On Monday the outgoing leader of East Sussex County Council (ESCC), Peter Jones, claimed never to have seen the unredacted parts of the March 2012 DfT documents containing the Department’s recommendations about whether or not the Road should be funded – documents that branded the Link Road “low or medium value for money” (and therefore almost certainly a no-go for DfT funding).

The-Reform-Club-Always-TomorrowHappily, today we received the following single (“Low or medium value for money”) from a group calling itself the “Inform Club”, which may help bring Mr Jones and other ESCC Councillors up to speed. Any resemblance to the recent pop single “Piccadilly Circus”* by Undersecretary of State for Transport Norman Baker and his group “The Reform Club” is, of course, purely coincidental …

… as you can see for yourself:

* It may be worth highlighting that although Mr Baker’s single was described by the Telegraph as “utterly pedestrian”, the Coalition government in which he serves appears to prefer a much more car-centred approach …

Extract from the DfT's assessment on whether or not to fund the BHLR, 19 March 2013

Extract from the DfT’s assessment on whether or not to fund the BHLR, 19 March 2013

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