Link Road: detailed plans reveal devastation to come

April 16, 2013 by combehavendefenders

Amongst the hundreds of documents on East Sussex County Council’s Link Road planning application page, are three maps [1] [2] [3] (also reproduced below), showing ‘haul road, temporary water crossings and compound locations’.  A quick glance at them illustrates how huge the ‘footprint’ of the road building scheme will be, encompassing as it does 6m wide ‘haul roads’, many temporary bridges, numerous compounds, and huge areas for topsoil storage.

Just a little country road…

So although ESCC would like us to believe that this is simply a small, two-lane road (according to stunningly ill-informed Sea Change CEO John Shaw, developer of the ‘link road to the link road’, ‘It’s a short, single-carriage country road that will largely utilise old railway cuttings and follow the contours of the valley’), the reality is that it is going to cause vast damage to the Combe Haven valley.

conds 9,10&20 sheet 1 of 3 rh haul road rev 8conds 9,10 &20_sheet 2 of 3 rh haul road rev 5conds 9,10 & 20_sheet 3 of 3 rh haul road rev 9

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