Help leaflet Hastings Jack-in-the-Green! (Mon 6 May) – CANCELLED

May 1, 2013 by combehavendefenders


[Note added 2 May: Please note that, following a direct request from the Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green (JITG) committee – including the suggestion that “anybody distributing fliers w[ould] be politely asked not to do so” – we will no longer be distributing fliers at this year’s Hastings JITG. We’re saddened by this request – not least because, while the spirit of Jack is rising in Hastings, Hastings Borough Council is willing to crush, obliterate and tarmac him across the Combe Haven valley – but judge that, on balance, it is best to refrain from distributing these fliers at this year’s JITG.]

Spring is (finally) in the air. And where better to take the message about the looming destruction of Combe Haven – and the opportunities for peaceful resistance – than the Hastings Jack-in-the-Green festival!*

The Combe Haven Defenders have produced a special Jack-themed flier – featuring two wonderful images by local artists Emily Johns and Lorna Millerfor distribution during the Grand Procession on the Monday, and are looking for volunteers to help distribute them. Meet 12 noon, Monday 6 May at the children’s playground on the West Hill (Castle Hill, TN34 3RD. Map here). Green facepaint provided!

If you’re able to text us in advance to let us know you’re coming then that would be useful: 07926 423 033

* It may be worth noting that the chair of the Hastings Jack in the Green (Keith Leech) is himself, personally, a vociferous opponent of the Link Road.

Picture by Lorna Miller

Picture by Lorna Miller

Last December, in a letter to the Hastings Observer he noted that:

“The people of Hastings are being duped again. Can we stop calling this the ‘Link Road’ and call it what it really is. It is the ‘Combe Valley Industrial Park and Housing Estate’.

“As a regular user of the Bexhill Road I can say this will do nothing to alleviate the problems.

“To try to sell it as if it would is nothing short of a con trick …

“The road is and always was a smoke screen so that we will allow them to develop. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. I am sure that if people realised the truth there would be public outcry. Take off the blinkers Hastings before it’s too late.”

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