Halloween spirits bring rain to Combe Haven

November 2, 2013 by combehavendefenders


The spirits surround the great oak

The spirits of the valley were out on 1 November, haunting those who are destroying their ancient home.

As they made their way through Combe Haven in the darkness, boodcurdling screams rent the air, and the few security guards who were brave enough to be out that night kept well away.


A valley spirit appears out of the darkness

Knowing that the roadbuilders are working fast to beat the annual flooding of the valley, the spirits called up the rain.  Sure enough, within minutes the heavens opened and the waters started to rise.


Flooding in Combe Haven, 31 October

This year it may well be more flooded than usual, due to the removal of vegetation and the dumping of vast amounts of hardcore to make the haul road and compounds.  The spirits left as noisily as they arrived, but not before offering up a petition for the gods of rain to smile on the valley and flood the roadbuilders out.  Watch this space….

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