Still no action on bike path a month after storm damage

November 29, 2013 by combehavendefenders


The cycle path between Hastings and Bexhill -named by the Guardian as one of Britain’s best bike rides – which has been open for less than two years, was very badly damaged in the ‘St Jude’ storm of 28 October.

Now, over a month later, the Bulverhythe section has still not been repaired.


Instead, East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has simply locked the gates at either end of the path to prevent access by cyclists (you can get round them, but have to be prepared to push your bike over the sections shown).

At a time when ESCC is spending £57m of our money on the Link Road, it is shocking that it cannot effect a timely repair to a path which is absolutely key to safe cycling between Hastings and Bexhill.  It’s safe to assume that had a similar level of damage been caused to one of the county’s roads, it would have been repaired a little sooner.

Several of us cycled from Hastings to attend the Hastings Alliance demo at Ravenside retail park calling for Rother District council to reinstate its proposals for a new station at Glyne Gap.  Hundreds of people had turned out for the opening of the new Marks and Spencer store, and a great number of them expressed their support for a new station.


That we had to push our bikes along a cycle path, in order to reach a shopping centre which is accessible only by car or expensive and infrequent buses, says much about the importance attached by local politicians to sustainable transport.

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