Haunting of the Haven: the return

October 8, 2014 by combehavendefenders


Join us on a spooky Halloween walk through Combe Haven on November 1st.  Last year, the spirits came out to haunt the valley and reclaim their ancestral home from the roadbuilders.  This year, they’ll be back, and may be even more vexed.  Be prepared to be scared…


A spirit looms out of the darkness on last year’s walk

 When: Saturday 1 November

Where: Meet Crowhurst recreation ground at 6.45pm (train from Hastings at 6.07pm, St Leonards Warrior Sq 6.10pm).  We may return to the pub for a drink afterwards before catching the train home

What: A spooky walk.  Bring masks, spooky noisemakers, a torch or lantern, and your best wailing voice.

Contact number: 07565 967 250.  Please call this number on the day if the weather is poor in order to confirm that the walk is going ahead.

Please note: the route will involve a potentially quite long walk over rough ground, and it may be wet and slippery.  We would ask everyone to bear in mind the potential risks and to be responsible for their own safety.  Please wear suitable footwear!


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