Glover’s Farm burnt to the ground: crocodile tears expected from Sea Change

October 21, 2014 by combehavendefenders

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlover’s Farm has burnt down.  A few weeks ago, we drew attention to this historic building, pointing out that it was not being properly protected by Sea Change Sussex.  The company had acquired the building as part of the land on which the ‘Bexhill Enterprise Park’ is going to be built.  They had applied for permission to demolish it but Rother District Council refused, on the basis that it was a ‘valuable heritage asset’ which should be preserved.  Rather than being allowed to demolish the building, Sea Change was told to carry out ‘Archaeological Investigation and a programme of archaeological works‘.

Last week, the farmhouse burnt to the ground.  Whilst it was clearly arson, nobody has been held responsible for the fire.  Sea Change is no doubt shedding crocodile tears, as it prepares to take down the few bits of house that remain, and ultimately replace the building with a car park, which was what they wanted to do all along.


Glover’s Farm, summer 2013


Glover’s Farm, October 2014

Although we don’t know who started the fire, what is clear is that Sea Change’s failure to protect the farmhouse has resulted in this tragic loss of a beautiful and historic building.  The destruction of Glover’s Farm mirrors the destruction of Combe Haven: in each case, profit is the only motivation, and everything else is collateral damage.

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