Urgent appeal for donations towards Queensway Gateway campaigning!

June 2, 2015 by combehavendefenders

Hollington Valley, Oct 2014

We haven’t made an appeal for donations for nearly two years, but our coffers are nearly empty.  Can you help?

Imagine Hollington Valley as it used to be: tall trees, birds, animals, flowers.  Now imagine that we could return it to that state… well, perhaps we can.  SeaChange has done horrible damage to the site but trees can be replanted, and animals and birds will return.  But only if the Queensway Gateway road is stopped.

At the end of this month, lawyers acting on behalf of local resident Gabriel Carlyle will be in the High Court, challenging Hastings Borough Council’s decision to grant permission to build the Queensway Gateway Road.  If this judicial review is successful, SeaChange will have to amend and resubmit the planning application, and Hastings Council will have to reconsider it.  This would give us a window of opportunity in which to campaign against the road, and – in particular – to put pressure on the councillors on the planning committee not to rubberstamp the application once more.

If you can, please make a donation to support these important intiatives. We’ll split any donations received before 24 June 50:50 between Gabriel’s legal action and our ongoing campaigning.

With your help we can continue to campaign for a greener, better, Hastings and St Leonards.

Thank you,

Andrea and Anthony
on behalf of the Combe Haven Defenders


Combe Haven Defenders is run on a tiny budget. Despite that, over the past few years we’ve:

  • sustained seven weeks of protest camps in Combe Haven;
  • laid siege to the Department for Transport  to force them to disclose redacted information about the link road;
  • supported activists arrested during the tree and tunnel occupations  through their year-long court cases;
  • built a motorway at George Osborne’s country retreat;
  • sent out over 100 press releases, and garnered huge local and national media coverage;
  • made SeaChange and its many failed ‘developments’ into a significant  local issue;
  • written 260 blogposts, including much detailed and well-referenced research about the road and associated issues;
  • trained local people in nonviolent direct action and media work;
  • organised numerous events including walks, birdwatches, art events, treedressing and a rain dance;
  • gathered hundreds of objections to the Bexhill Gateway and Queensway Gateway roads;
  • jointly organised a national rally against roadbuilding.


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