Press release: Hastings Council looks set to rubberstamp £15m new road despite four conflicts with council policies and 800 objections

December 8, 2015 by combehavendefenders

Press release
Combe Haven Defenders [1]
Tuesday 8 December

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Planning consultant admits that Queensway Gateway road would have ‘permanent adverse’ impact on Local Wildlife Site

A planning consultant has recommended to Hastings Borough Council’s (HBC) planning committee that they pass the application for the Queensway Gateway road, despite it breaching four separate council policies. Over eight hundred people have submitted an objection to the new road [2], with only seven people submitting a comment in support of it [3].

In her report to the committee [4], planning consultant Tezel Bahcheli notes that the road would conflict with HBC policies EN1, EN2, EN3 and HN8 [5].

The report states that if the road is built, the levels of air pollutants in Hollington Valley ‘will exceed critical levels’ [6]. Ms Bahcheli also notes that ‘Significant impacts on ecology from changes to air quality are identified’ [7], and that the road would have a ‘permanent adverse’ impact on the local wildlife site [8] .

The planning committee gave planning permission for the road in February 2015 [9], but it was later quashed by the High Court after a local resident brought a judicial review of the decision, citing unlawful levels of air pollution [10]. Since then, developer SeaChange Sussex has recalculated the traffic figures and now claims that air quality is acceptable.

Combe Haven Defenders spokesperson Emily Johns said, ‘It is staggering that the planning consultant can admit that the Queensway Gateway road would breach four separate council policies, yet recommend that the planning committee grant permission anyway. If they do so, they will be ignoring the law on air pollution, as well as making a mockery of local democracy. What is the point of having policies if the council can decide to ignore them when they don’t suit? I would urge anyone concerned about the environment and local democracy to come to the planning meeting on 15 December’.

The planning committee hearing will be at 6pm on Tuesday 15 December at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings.

Contact: 07565 967 250



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