Join us on 21 January to say NO to the North Bexhill Access Road

January 17, 2016 by combehavendefenders


On the route of the North Bexhill Access Road











The planning application for the North Bexhill Access Road (NBAR)will be heard on Thursday 21 January: please join us to say no to this destructive road – details below.

What’s wrong with the NBAR?

So many things we can hardly start to count them, but here are a few:

    • 1.8km of ‘species rich hedgerow’ to be pulled out.
    • Hundreds of trees including 200 year old oaks, walnut, willow, beech, holly, hazel, silver birch, blackthorn, hornbeam and field maple to be felled.
    • Combe Haven stream to be damaged.
    • Habitats of seven species of bat, slow worms, grass snakes, lizards, dormice, badgers to be destroyed.
    • Ancient woodlands to be damaged by air pollution.
    • 14,000 vehicles a day to be pass through what is currently undisturbed countryside, with resultant air, water and noise pollution.


These are just a few of the impacts of the North Bexhill Access Road, according to SeaChange’s environmental and traffic statements.

For more about what’s wrong with this road, see Combe Haven Defenders’ objections here and here.

We are facing catastrophic climate change and species loss on a scale never before experienced. Is this a time to be building a huge new road, increasing carbon emissions and destroying the countryside and precious habitats?

Join us to say NO to the North Bexhill Access Road, SeaChange’s latest destructive project.

Where: Bexhill Town Hall (planning committee meeting) – map here.
When: Thursday 21 January.  Meeting starts at 9.30am, and we’ll be outside from 8.45am.  Please join us for either or both.

Contact: 07565 967 250 or combehavendefenders [at]

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