North Bexhill Access Road planning application withdrawn again as Rother council gets cold feet

January 20, 2016 by combehavendefenders


Panel from NBAR ‘consultation’ – note lack of SeaChange branding

The North Bexhill Access Road is off the agenda – again.  It was due to be considered by Rother District Council’s planning committee on 21 January, but was withdrawn from the agenda just three days before the meeting.

Council gets cold feet

The planning application was originally due to be heard on 10 December last year, but was withdrawn by SeaChange at the very last minute following an objection by CHD.  This time, it has been withdrawn by the council, who said:

‘Due to the sensitivities and complex issues which surround the proposal, the council sought legal advice which highlighted the need to undertake further work and seek expert advice. Having discussed the matter with the chairman and vice-chairman of the planning committee it was agreed, in order to assess the full impact of the road, further analysis would need to be undertaken before the proposal could be considered by the committee.’

We don’t know what the ‘further work and expert advice’ entails, but suspect that Rother council is worried about incurring the costs of a legal challenge similar to that against the Queensway Gateway road in Hastings if this application is as shoddy as that one was.


On the route of the NBAR

Complacency and rubberstamping

The fact that SeaChange obviously thought the application was good enough to get through the planning committee, but the council itself withdrew it after seeking legal advice, illustrates SeaChange’s complacency: they think – with good reason – that whatever they do will be rubberstamped by whichever council they apply to.  No planning application by SeaChange Sussex has ever been refused by either Hastings or Rother Council, however ludicrous the project would appear to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

SeaChange will wait…

SeaChange Sussex is quoted as saying ‘Sea Change appreciates that the district council needs to consider the application when it feels ready to do so and will wait for that time’.  Good of them to be so patient – they’re usually in quite a hurry to chop things down as fast as possible.

Still time to object

The next possible date the application could be heard is Thursday 11 February, so please pencil that date into your diary now and watch this space…

And still time to object to this destructive road project – see here.

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