HBC planning committee decision on Queensway Gateway road: the video

January 21, 2016 by combehavendefenders

On December 15 2015, Hastings Borough Council’s planning committee passed the planning application for the Queensway Gateway road for the second time.  We filmed the whole meeting, and you can watch it here (in 2 parts, each about 45m).  Note that the meeting actually starts about 6m into the first video.

Key points:

Part 1

CHD statement opposing road, and questions from councillors: 28:18

John Shaw (SeaChange Sussex) statement and questions from councillors: 40:50 (continues onto part 2)

Part 2

Questions from councillors to officers: 06:48

Discussion amongst councillors: 24:00

Vote: 47:06 (7:3 in favour – three voting against are councillors Wincott, Rogers and Roberts, all on left of screen)


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