Combe Haven Defenders Facebook Page
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“Stop the Road!” Camp & Rally Facebook Page
See here. Invite your friends!

Hastings Alliance
Group representing the views of several national and local organisations as well as concerned individuals, opposed to the construction of the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road. An invaluable source of information.

Hastings Urban Bikes
Promoting cycling in Hastings and St Leonards

The Labyrinth
A useful and exciting space for community activity on Hastings Seafront, with a focus on the environment, cycling and the arts.


Cycling collective, promoting cycling and make the links with wider issues of environmental and social responsibility.

Campaign for Better Transport
Campaigning for affordable transport that improves quality of life and protects the environment.

Fair Fares Now
Campaign to make train fares cheaper, simpler and fairer.

Climate Justice Collective
Grassroots network of UK groups and individuals, supporting and taking action against the root causes of climate change.

Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN)
Directly engaging the public about climate change, to inspire lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour.

Every death on every road in Great Britain 1999-2010
BBC report, based on statistics for 1999 – 2010.


An activist guide to exploiting the media, by George Monbiot.  Everything you need to know about making the media work for you!

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